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Wes Hoskins

Bike Anchorage
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Anchorage, AK
Good stuff is happening for muscle-powered movement in Anchorage. Our mayor will be announcing his administration's support for Vision Zero on March 3rd! Now if we can only get this initiative funded...

I've been kicking around the bike advocacy periphery for years in both Reno NV and Anchorage. I think living in cities that are in the early stages of becoming less car-centric, and traveling to places like Portland and Seattle, has helped me see what's possible with correct design and willing policy-makers.

It would be great to talk to people about how their Vision Zero roll-outs have been going. Also, coming from the social services sector, I would love to see how cycling communities (which are pretty well organized) can help the most vulnerable people who use the public transportation network. People experiencing mental illness and/or homelessness who may never bike, but who should have influence about what happens on our roadways especially as it relates to Vision Zero.