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Angela van der Kloof

Sustainabile Mobility Consultant
Tilburg, Nederland
Being an advisor, speaker and trainer, I'm at my best when working in projects with concrete results: reports, plans, brochures, workshops, trainings, deliverables, websites.
'Movement' is the common thread in my work. Physical movement of people from A to B to C and back. Mental movement; challenging ourselves to do things that we are not used to; or to do things differently. And social movements; how people change their world through cooperation.
I focus on increasing sustainable mobility, through education, communication and marketing. In most cases I work on projects in which the bicycle plays an important role. The bicycle and cycling are tools to stimulate participation and interaction. To create an environment that is social and accessible for all.
Monday, March 7

1:00pm EST

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Tuesday, March 8

9:45am EST

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Wednesday, March 9

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